Welcome to ModCon Cabin Trader.

My name is Alan Willetts and I am the owner of this Auction/Resale business.

I have been involved within the Modular,Portable Building Industry for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working for three of the largest Steel Anti Vandal Unit manufacturers in the country over that time.
If like me this Industry excites you and you are galvanised by the friends that you have acquired from being involved within this industry then I truly hope that this New Business can assist you in not only making some sales, but also help make you some new friendships along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website. I appreciate you have many options on the internet so I sincerely hope that you find the site useful for selling and for sourcing all your Cabin & Plant requirements.

The Modular,Portable Building Accommodation industry started for me personally back in August 1997. Since then I have had the privilege of building some wonderful relationships with so many people over the last 20 years. One thing is for sure it is an amazing industry to be involved in and draws us all in as being part of the same family!

I took up an opportunity to start working for the then very well known Anti Vandal Cabin manufacturer that was Lydney Containers Ltd. Having joined them in August 1997 I spent a few months on the shop floor taking in all aspects of how the products were manufactured in the various shop floor departments.
It transpired that within a few weeks of being there I was asked by the Managing Director & Sales Director if I would be interested in taking up a sales role within the business.
I took the role with open arms and so spent the first 6 months of 1998 working closely with the Sales Director as an office based executive with the role then becoming a full time external salesman’s role.

So come July 1998 at the age of 24 I was given a company car and all the relevant tools to go out on the road to start building relationships to help move the business on to the next level.
Through hard work, dedication, long hours and various acquisition’s and buy out’s over the years Lydney Containers became possibly the most successful and well known Steel Anti Vandal manufacturer in the UK, it was certainly a very well known business throughout the industry.
That said, unfortunately due to an awful recession and other factors out of the business personnel’s control Lydney Containers ceased trading in February 2009.

The very next day on February 3rd 2009 I was taken on by Newspace Containers Ltd and asked to utilise my relationships and experience to help grow the business which was relatively unknown by a lot of my existing customers at the time.
Having brought some of the live orders as so to speak that were placed with Lydney prior to the collapse was a great start as Newspace themselves were feeling the pinch from the recession also.

Again through hard work on the road, long hours day and night, the Sales Director and myself began to bring a lot more business and some of the larger hire fleet businesses to the Newspace door and so within a 3-5 year period the business had virtually tripled its turnover for starters and was now in a position to grow even further by moving from Sling to the old Lydney Container premises in Lydney which was always going to be a huge positive for the business due to the facility being a much larger, more efficient and already tried and tested premises that would also enable the use of a night shift to increase turnover if required.

Having spent the best part of 7 and a half years at Newspace mainly in a senior management role and playing my part in driving Newspace to the forefront of the Steel AV manufacturing industry, I unfortunately found myself having to move on to pastures new albeit within the same industry and again with a Steel Anti Vandal manufacturing company.

I joined Stackright Ltd in October 2016 and my role here was as a Business Development Manager of which I would spend most of my time out and about on the road talking, chasing, quoting new and existing clients in the hope of bringing new clients to Stackright. This I certainly did to some degree within the early months albeit come the start of 2017 my role objectives were changed due to a buyout of the business.

During this spell I had a burning desire to try and start my own business within this industry and hence this desire made me end my association with Stackright Ltd at the end of September 2017 after virtually working there for one year. Great people, great business…..just had this desire to try and do my own thing, so hence here we are…..arms and legs crossed!

So ModCon Cabin Trader was born and I truly hope that my experience within the industry, relationships and hopefully my name within the marketplace will offer a trustworthy, valuable useful service to new and existing customers in some way shape or form!

My dreams for ModCon Cabin Trader started a while back when I thought how good it would be to have a marketplace that not only I could sell products from, but a site for everyone to become a member and be able to Buy, Auction and sell any of their New or Used Cabin and Plant assets from in a relaxed easy to navigate online database, which would offer great value for money and a certainty that the database would be circulated to a vast amount of people directly involved within this industry….of whom have a requirement every single day for what we all have to offer.

Similar operating sites do not tend to specialise within just our marketplace, they sell everything imaginable from cars to sweets and socks to pens…..everything!

ModCon Cabin Trader will offer all services and products that we would associate within our Modular, Portable Building & Plant industry and nothing more, meaning it can become our online expert Trader for sourcing and selling all associated assets (New & Old), in a well known secure place amongst friends!

Although predominantly a website, I do exist and I am around to personally talk to if and when required so please do not hesitate to email or call me directly should you wish to do so at any time. My contact details are within the “Contact Us” tab at the bottom of the home page.

I am fully aware that businesses without people are nothing, businesses without customers are not businesses, People buy from people and always have done….but ultimately a good person or a great business sells itself, normally from having a conscientious, trusting, reliable, friendly and caring manner relationship….of which keeps people coming back for more!

This business can offer us all a superb niche market place from where we can all interact, make friends, sell our products, buy other peoples products and make money along the way.
I also believe the “Backload” section of the website offers a great opportunity for being able to save my clients time and definitely money when they are looking to source Backloads of transport for delivery of Cabins & Plant around the UK!

Thank you for reading, I wish you all the very best for the future.