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6m x 3m Sales Office Unit

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Plastisol 6m x 3m Sales Office Unit (20ft x 10ft)

Here we have our superb range of Plastisol type accommodation units offering superb luxury in a portable cabin.

This particular 20ft x 10ft unit has a plastisol external wall cladding which is not only very robust and weather resistant but also has a very nice look to the finish and is very easy to keep clean.

The internal wall lining is 12mm White pre finished Plasterboard panels c/w white plastic trim.

The floor is ply with a blue carpet covering which again is easy to keep clean and will last the test of time as well as give you a luxury feel to the space.

This particular unit has 2no 900mm x 2000mm FOV/FXD white UPVC windows and 1no 1700mm x 2100mm White UPVC Fully glazed door.

Electrics include for 2no 1500mm fluorescent lights, 6no double sockets, 2no 2k/w convector heaters.

The unit also has guttering to disperse of the rainwater from the roof structure.

The main unit is sat on Steel Jacklegs for ease of placement on sites

Please discuss colour options for the exterior walls and possibly trim as we could possibly alter these to suit.

Built to order mainly so please give us a call to discuss your requirement.

All prices shown require VAT adding to the total. We can also source a delivery charge if required.

Please call Alan on 0333 404 8822 or 07842 318869

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