Transportation Issues?……..Struggling to find Backloads to deliver your “Portable Accommodation & Heavy Plant” around the UK?

Do you often find yourself having to find last minute transport availability for a last minute call from a customer, or indeed trying to impress a new client with a speedy delivery at a fair price?

Why not let ModCon Cabin Trader assist you in reducing your stress levels whilst saving you time, money and also reducing the harmful effects on our environment!

In this ever demanding industry there are two major factors that play a part in businesses attaining their orders. Those two factors are very much Cost and Availability, and maybe not in that order either!

Transportation of Portable Accommodation units and Heavy Plant can be a costly exercise at best and if not managed correctly this day and age the costs can spiral out of control without anyone really realising. However……..who really has the time to pick up the phone to call numerous suppliers to try and find an available vehicle for a certain day (same day or next day) at a certain time on a regular basis?

What if you could just log into your account here at any time and have access to a Transportation database which could tell you who, where, when and what they have booked in or available for any one day which ultimately would tell you if a supplier can be utilised to deliver your product to site and potentially saving you a lot of time, stress and money in the process not just once…..but potentially at all times.

Acting responsibly means that these efficiencies will more importantly reduce the amount of vehicles and empty vehicles on our roads reducing CO2 emissions dramatically.

Last but not least by utilising this simple database you also save on staff wasting their time from trying to source numerous available deliveries by contacting several suppliers…..thus reducing the stress this can cause to you’re people too.

Why not sign up for Backloads membership and have a daily diary as so to speak of the transport companies movements right in front of you on your desktop!


If you would like to know more information about Backloads membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Memberships can be purchased on a monthly basis or indeed as a annual membership. Annual membership offers you better value as you will get 12 months subscription for the cost of 10 months).